More about belly dance…

In this article, we’re going to see some different types of belly dances.

From the time ofitsorigination until today, belly dance has changed a lot. It shifted with travelers to foreign lands, it was metamorphosed to be gradually accepted by other people and cultures. As a result, we see different types of belly dances in vogue in different parts of the world :


This is Egyptian country or folk dance. This one is traditionally performed during weddings and festivities..


Saidi hails from the folk traditions of Upper Egypt. This type is playful and comprises stick dancing.


It’s inspired from Egyptian Gypsy dances. The movements are swift with ample hip movements.


Fellahi is related to the farming communities of Egypt. This dance form is graceful, gentle and comprises a lot of shimmies and repetitions.


This is a Turkish dance, which is also popular in Greece. Karsilama is performed by couples or a troupe in a line. It’s cheerful and full of fun, comprising a lot of jump, dips and shimmies.


Khaliji is another variant of the belly dance and it’s performed by women in the Persian Gulf. This is a joyful social dance .

There is a lot of other types of belly dances all around the eastern world, North Africa, Persia and others ,but I tried to gather the main onces.

Have fun, always!!


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